The Revival

I understand that I have not written in a while, and I would not provide an explanation for the same too, because there can be no excuse for not writing. Let me put this out though that in the past few months, my life has changed. I have visited new places, have met new people, … More The Revival

The Perfect Heaven

Joe Louis had most rightly said, “Everyone wants to go to heaven; but no one wants to die!” It is so true! Each one of wants the perfect life and the perfect people in it! Our life is practically a race to get that desired perfect life first! And our whole life just goes wasted … More The Perfect Heaven


I had the privilege to visit the film city in Mumbai yesterday. With the open view that me and my friends were going to face the real fake world. The day started off with an awesome road trip to Mumbai, the city of dreams! On reaching Mumbai, we drove to the Goregaon film city area. … More ADMITTEDLY FAKE


After writing this heading; ‘Define happiness’ I myself gazed at the screen for fifteen minutes. It maybe because I too am just like any other youngster with all my priorities right, stuff planned. I too become blank when given questions like; ‘What does your soul want?’ or this post title itself. But then again, once … More DEFINE HAPPINESS


In this fast paced life of the city, it is very necessary for us to find a getaway. Everyone has that one place of escape to which we resort to for clearance of mind. For me, it is the hill in my city. Nearly every day I and my friend go to the hill for … More PLACE OF ESCAPE