Tales and Spirits Bistro

There are some places in Pune where you can always spend some quality time with your friends over a nice pizza or salad. Tales and Spirits Bistro is one of them for me. I had heard of this place and I had decided to definitely give it a try. I love a nice salad and Tales and Spirits makes sure to serve you that. Some weeks ago, I went there with my friend for a late lunch. We headed there and got ourselves an outdoor seating. The place is beautiful with dreamcatchers, comfy seatings and chic bottles for water. The place feels lively and soulful!

The first thing on the menu that caught our eye was the salads. We wanted a fig and mascarpone salad but it was unavailable and we ordered a watermelon and feta salad. The salad was served in a modern, unconventional way. The watermelon were scooped and the dressing perfectly blended with the combination of watermelon and feta by not overpowering the original combination of flavours. Next, we had the Arrabiata which was amazing! The sauce was just like any good Italian place would have and the serving was healthy! In another visit to the place, I have also tried the Alfredo and The Purple Potato and Feta Mousakka Skillet! Ah the Skillet is unlike any that I have tasted. There was nice layer of cheese on it with purple potato layers beneath it. The taste pops in your mouth. However, I would have like a bit more cheese in between the layers. That is just to my liking.

The drinks in Tales and Spirits Bistro are good. I wouldn’t waste time on the drinks, as I have to describe the desserts. If you have had a decent meal early in the evening and you wish to have dessert as you are hungry after dinner time, I would recommend you to simply to Tales and Spirits. The Baklava is unparalleled. Nice, even layers of well-baked filo pastry with a warm filling of nuts and just the right amount of sweetness. It is served with a gelato and that just adds a different texture in the palate. Desserts are served beautifully and we have also had the Apple and Strawberry crumbled Jar. It can be explained as a deconstructed apple and strawberry pie served in a mason jar. They provide you an option of ordering it with the gelato, however you have to pay extra for it. I would recommend you to order it with the gelato as it cuts through the sweetness and provides a balance of flavours. We also had the classic T&S muffin- Blueberry. The muffin is nice a bit dense than the usual muffins but has the perfect balance of flavours. The filling- a blueberry jam could have been a bit more, but they add it on top too.

Tales and Spirits serves every dish with generosity and the pricing is adequate. If its two of you who would like to have a three course meal there, the bill should be around 700-800 rs. It is a beautiful place with the right amount of chic factor.


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http://Tales & Spirits Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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