German Bakery Wunderbar is one of the favourite places among my friends to go have dinner or make a lunch date. We love the welcoming ambience and the student-friendly interiors there. The furniture is cool and the music always includes the best picks.

The last time, I visited German Bakery was for lunch with a couple of my friends. We love to try new dishes off the menu so this time unlike the numerous times before (where we ordered Pizza and German bakery salad- which are delicious), we decided to order chicken dishes. So this time we got the Chicken a la Kiev and Chicken Stroganoff. There was one thing that we had to order and that was the Melito! Served in a mason jar (Quite chic!), it is somewhat like a watermelon mojito, only better. It is the best refreshing drink alongside a meal in the hot October heat.

The Chicken Stroganoff came with a nice stir fry of vegetables and rice. The chicken was cooked beautifully and the stir fry was well-seasoned. The combination with the rice was very clever and we finished the whole dish in minutes. Next, the Chicken a la Kiev was spectacular! It is a culinary experience in itslef. It is a roll of friend chicken sausage served with a side of potato mash. You cut open the chicken and your dish is flooded with a delicious, melted butter sauce which adds oomph to the whole dish. Cutting open in that chicken has been my favourite moment in German Bakery Wunderbar! We decided to order the Sachertorte. It was a delight for sweet lovers. They had heated it up just the right amount and the chocolate popped the moment when you put it in you mouth.

I would definitely be going to German Bakery Wunderbar many more times to come.

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