The Ganache

Some months ago, my friend told me that there is a cozy place in Kothrud near More Vidyalay and it is a must visit. I visited the place some months ago for the first time and since then I cannot think of a time that I have not. If FRIENDS was to be remade today, The Ganache would have been our Central Perk. The menu has seen a small change which is basically additions and they are lovely.

The ambience is typically student-friendly and the people there are very polite. There is soft music playing in the background which just adds to the soothing environment necessary for a perfect hang out. So I have already had an array of dishes at The Ganache and I would try to cover some.

In drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and coffee are the must haves. The lemonade is one of the additions. You can see that all the dishes there are made fresh and as per order. The coffee is just as good as a coffee in an expensive coffee house and the lemonade is packed with flavour. The salads and pasta dishes are the latest additions and have generous servings and they taste amazing! My favouite are the sandwiches there. The high protein is a must have for non-veg lovers as is the chicken-jalapeno sandwich. For vegetarians, there are many options amog which my favourites are mushrom sandwich and a grilled cheese and spinach sandwich.

We have also had the waffles there and they are just as good as the other dishes on the menu. Oh no, they are more scrumptious. Waffles are freshly made just like the whole menu and you can smell them in the making after you order them. You have an array of options as toppings on the waffles including banana-nutella and ice cream and some more.

The price is worth the hospitality and food. In fact, I would definitely consider it as one of the pocket-friendly places in Pune


http://The Ganache Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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