Spice Kitchen @ JW Marriott Pune

Some days ago, my mom and I had one of those moments when you are wandering around in Pune thinking where you would get food quickly as you are hungry like never before. So we decided to end up for a restaurant which serves a buffet. Now, my mom is very picky and she requires a certain standard of service, ambience and food when it comes to eating out. So we decided to go to Spice Kitchen, one of my Mom’s favourites. We made a call and booked a table for two. 15 minutes later, we were at JW seated comfortably in Spice Kitchen and ready to pounce on the buffet lined up.

If you ask me to review the ambience and service at Spice Kitchen, well it would be pointless. I have been numerous times to JW and I have never had a chance to complain of anything! It is spectacular. So I am directly going to talk about the food there.

We have always chosen the buffet. My most favourite part is making your own salad. You select your ingredients, select which dressing you need and you hand it over to the chef to toss it for you. If you are the ‘always torn between great choices’ type, you can definitely try the salads already made for you. My favourite of those is the bara wrapped in spinach and chicken ham salad. There is also chaat options for those who love chaat. They always have soups of which the cream of chicken soup was my favourite. There is an array of appetizers, mains and desserts. Last time we went, there was a soup counter just like the salad counter, which too was exciting! There are ample of choices for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The noodles, waffles and on-order pizza are my ‘must-haves’.  You also have pizzas which you need to tell as they are made on demand. The desserts are scrumptious and the last time I tried the cheescake, the tiramisu and the waffles and I just wish I could have them every single day.

If you ever contemplate about going to Spice Kitchen, then stop, don’t think and head towards JW!


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