Little Italy

I have been to Little Italy a couple of times. The first time I went to Little Italy, it was my friend’s birthday treat and I had absolutely no idea wht to order and what to not. The people at Little Italy are friendly enough to help us through the menu and explain to us what we would love! See, that is the thing about fine dinings! You go in there and you expect a certain standard of service, which Little Italy takes up a notch.

A few days ago, i returned to Little Italy with my family after a long gap. I was pleased to find out that the service just keeps getting better and better. They have added the use of technology in ordering. You have a tablet on your table with buttons for service or water or ordering food. That is an excellent implementation as I for once love to have a quiet dinner. With the ambience being warm and welcoming, the menu just adds comforting in the experience. It adds the oomph in the evening. We always have the nachos with cheese there. The nachos are topped with a generous amount of cheese and the combination is on top of my comfort food list! To add some tangy burst of flavours, Little Italy serves you two tomato sauces alongside your meal- and they are divine! We always seem to be getting many serves of those tomato sauces.

The last time, I also ordered the spinach ravioli. Let me tell you this. I do not like eating spinach in any form, but I will have this ravioli even at 3 in the midnight. A beautiful combination of creamy spinach and al-dente pasta, we then headed to a mouth-watering dessert. Tiramisu Italiono. The name will turn heads of people who have visited Littly Italy. It is dusted with cocoa powder, the layers of tiramisu are perfect to the ‘T’ and you get just the right amount of hint of rum in each delicious bite of it.

These three are my all-time favourite Little Italy dishes. Overall, it is an experience you cannot miss. Great service, ambience and food!


http://Little Italy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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