What has this world come to?

That day my friend and I were watching the television and there came an advertisement which led us to a discussion mostly looking down upon the human race as we have failed to preserve what we have been entrusted with. Here are a few moments when I felt “What has the world come to?” and I am pretty sure that if humanity is still intact in your heart, you would feel the same after reading these. If you have come across more such occasions or do not agree with me, feel free to comment.

  1. The television ad was actually promoting how an air purifier is a must because the air is so polluted nowadays. So instead of tackling the problem, let us tackle the outcome! What a brilliant idea! So go get an air purifier because you cant just stop bursting crackers!
  2. So today instead of focusing on the drought that pretty much all of us are aware of, let us kill each other down because they follow a different religion, have a different faith. Because that is what the world has come to.
  3. You may not fall for the lucky draw offers but you will definitely follow what the “babaji” says. Because he calls himself “babaji”, that makes everything that he says so much reliable and valid! So let’s not believe in discounts and offers but let’s believe in borderline superstition made up by someone with a delusion of grandiosity.
  4. So feminists along the years have been striving hard only for girls to use it conveniently. So they need not be told what to do and what to say (which is legit) but a guy still needs to pay the bill every time, he has to drive her around and carry her shopping bags. Because that is what the world has come to!
  5. We cut down trees more than we plant them. This is a known fact and many of the people have organisations which are working hard to do something about it. And here we have people who have discussion over deforestation as a crime when friends come over to the house and sit in the living which has wooden flooring! So trees are necessary for humans to survive which relies on the flooring!
  6. You know with the world becoming competitive and being ruthless to those who do not keep up with the daily happenings, there are still some people who do not know what is happening around the globe. For them, it is matter of pride to not know whether the UN summit is about to happen or if the laws in their own country are being amended but it necessary for them to judge the first person who walks by the moment they get out of the house.

So, for those who didn’t get it, take this with a touch of sarcasm. We need to do something because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to tell the future generations that we did nothing about the world because we were selfish to see that is lasted just for us.


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