The Perfect Heaven

Joe Louis had most rightly said, “Everyone wants to go to heaven; but no one wants to die!”

It is so true! Each one of wants the perfect life and the perfect people in it! Our life is practically a race to get that desired perfect life first! And our whole life just goes wasted in that race! Our heaven which we should enjoy never comes and we are left with nothing but the journey which too wasn’t actually relished! So, the next big question is; do we get the heaven without dying?

Of course!! For each person, the definition of heaven changes! But the way to achieve it doesn’t! Enjoy what you have and you will realise you are sitting in a paradise right here on earth amidst all those problems which seem unsolvable. Now, a man cannot survive without creating his own safe place in this world. So, he has a family, friends, social groups, a job/ an undergoing education, and obviously materialistic happiness! What more would you expect?? In your heaven are you sure that all these people around you are going to be there? Are you sure that you would enjoy small accomplishments in your heaven? Because the smallest things provide the biggest happiness! We never stop and realize that there is no need in cribbing and coaxing, when our life has automatically been provided by the perfect heaven we desire!

Now most of you would think I wouldn’t understand how much life is incomplete to be called heaven! Even when things are incomplete, your life can be awesome! It can be that things are incomplete because they are simply not meant to be complete! Think how much complications that thing would bring if it is complete? So, enjoy what you have right now, go with the flow and believe in your present. See, there is no perfect situation or time unless you believe in it! Tomorrow you achieve everything and then you believe that it’s not enough. Then obviously you would not have a perfect achievement. When I read this quote by Joe Louis I could totally agree with him! Now, he didn’t mean death as the actual ‘death’. Here, death can be the death of your soul, your wishes, and your social circles. What if, your heaven comes at a price? Would you give up anything and everything for that happiness?

Most of you would answer no. So, if you are not ready to give up things for your heaven, there is an easier way; realise your heaven and don’t sacrifice anything too! Quite like having the cake and eating it too! 😉 😛


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