In this fast paced life of the city, it is very necessary for us to find a getaway. Everyone has that one place of escape to which we resort to for clearance of mind. For me, it is the hill in my city.

Nearly every day I and my friend go to the hill for a nice walk. The main aim for our walk is to be in a quiet and serene setting in the city which actually feels like away from the city. Each day we enjoy the one and a half hour walk spent. But the weekends are torturous! You realize how many people are actually there in the city. It’s like a freaking carnival on weekends. But there are some very interesting things that we notice and enjoy deconstructing them.

For instance; there are numerous couples on the hill on weekends and one can have a gala time while analysing the body language. It is hilarious. The next category of people are those who are fitness freaks and go running or brisk walking for two or three rounds in a go. The next include people who are there just for the tranquil settings just like I and my friend. The utmost hilarious are those who are there for those photo-shoots and picnics. Posing in front of half dried trees, sitting and eating the tiffin they brought along with them….You most certainly just cannot evade them!

But all of this is calmed down by the beautiful sunset which we see every day. The perfect shades of red and orange being spread from the tainting yellow ball of light is very complimentary with the wind blowing graciously. The red silhouette then spreading far and finally being dark….priceless! It clears off your mind and freshens up your soul. That is my place of escape and really helps me to figure difficult things out.


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