Much needed Autonomy

I have this strange, blurry recollection of how my childhood in kindergarten was. No worries, no stress, just like the saying….”Childhood is the best time of your life” Now that I see and evaluate my life, it is hell lot of complicated. Or so I think, to be more precise or so I thought.

Yesterday I picked up this book ‘The Secret’ and started reading it instead of studying for my fast approaching exams. Well, it was worth it. I could not keep down the book! The book stresses on positive thinking and how you have the key to you success, happiness and things you desire. It made me think; What is it that I want? I have all that I need, perhaps more. Perhaps wanting to want something or someone too can be a want. Perhaps not wanting to want something or someone can also be a want. So how do we pave our path through this complicated life?

It is simple; ‘un-complicate’ it. Autonomy. That’s what you should want. Because only you can decide which want can become a need and which can’t. Even in the book, it is said that only you have the power and nobody else. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

I know it isn’t easy and I am no one to give guidance but there will be a day when this makes sense, like it did to me. And on that day, you will use this autonomy subjectively and that is exactly what is necessary!


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