After writing this heading; ‘Define happiness’ I myself gazed at the screen for fifteen minutes. It maybe because I too am just like any other youngster with all my priorities right, stuff planned. I too become blank when given questions like; ‘What does your soul want?’ or this post title itself.

But then again, once I start typing I understand what exactly happiness is for me! My writing is my happiness. Now, most of you (And I nearly mean all) would disagree with me when I would say that your passion is your happiness. Because you would say that coffee provides you happiness (Even I believed that for a while) or your partner or you family. But the most stunning answers would be smoking or drinking! (Some of you agree to it, right?)


Our lives are much simpler to interpret them and we can even without a roll of any substance or a shot of alcohol which would just trick you about what the reality is! (Even though it maybe for a second) Our lives are not so pathetic that we need to trick our own body to get through the day!

Don’t think so?….. Well there is no problem without a solution! And the solution is here….

When in times that you feel needy, lonely or feel the urge to do things that don’t need to be done…pursue your passion! Write, click pics, dance, sing, cook, paint, talk, draw, go for a run! And when you do that, you wouldn’t be worrying about tricking your own self! You would feel happy, content, satisfied, uplifted!!

In a television sitcom, a character most aptly said, “Happiness is a condition; not a destination!” He didn’t mean the high or drunken condition but the happy condition of you.

This happiness gets reflected even through your eyes!

Here, your passion is your catalyst to your happiness! When I write, I don’t need any other thing to make me happy! So for each of us, the definition of happiness will change, but not much!

Happiness for me is the time when I pursue my passion i.e. ____

So if you really feel that you are happy enough I would hope it’s because of your passion and not because of something providing temporary ‘Happiness’ and if you are not…well I did make it a bit simpler for you! 😉


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