I had the privilege to visit the film city in Mumbai yesterday. With the open view that me and my friends were going to face the real fake world. The day started off with an awesome road trip to Mumbai, the city of dreams! On reaching Mumbai, we drove to the Goregaon film city area. No one would have imagined that in the heart of a concrete jungle like Mumbai there would be so much greenery. Roads surrounded by canopies of trees, vanity vans parked on the side of roads, steep roads on the hill dressed up as suicide points, and huge sets wrapped in huge black sheets and temporarily fenced up.  The feel had just set in us.

We visited six sets of daily soaps and were taken aback by surprise each time.  With utmost hospitality, humbleness and enthusiasm on three sets, we clicked pictures, chatted with the stars and saw their scenes with a lot of patience. Huge, beautifully decorated houses arranged with every prop you would find in a common house were set up behind a big pile of rubble. The director ratted out his brains to complete a scene and decide locations for the next. A scene that would be aired for only about 2 minutes required a shoot of nearly 20-25 minutes. An hour or two of dressing up, fifteen minutes of learning the lines, 20-25 minutes of shoot, numerous takes….all for a scene of two minutes! Hats off to the patience and efforts!

One thing that I understood that truth is the supreme command in life. People worship celebrities and the film and television industry. They are acquiescently fake…no denial in that. So people love you even when you are openly lying but lying without admitting it is not acceptable.

Over all the experience was unbeatable! We met a few grumpy actors but also a few humble actors. Some even had the heart of coming out of the set and saying bye to us.



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