Not all “Youngsters are at fault”

Today I was driving back home through a bit chilly afternoon. I stopped at a red light and two women say around mid-60s pulled up beside me on a two wheeler (Moped). I took a brief look at them and I glanced back at the countdown of the signal which had managed to come to 55 seconds. I stare at the dirty left rear view mirror of my two-wheeler thinking that I should probably wash the vehicle when some words fell onto my ears. “I know….but the thing that I will never understand is, why do these young people don’t understand that things are not always to be done their way!?”
I stared at her; she was sitting at the back and the other one who drove agreed with a nod. What kind of remark was that anyway! I got a good look at her and she looked like she would have a child of about say mid-20s. Then I realised that this is a very common thing today. People loath off their responsibilities, the youth do it their way and then the people blame them for doing the work the recent way! I would seriously like to put an appeal out there; the recent way of doing things, the modern way, is not wrong; it is only different! The times change and so do the way of work! The ‘tagging’ has to stop at some point! It now feels like a burden being a young person; do anything new….your are wrong; say you’re in college….oh you ought to be wrong about how you study!; say you work….oh you ought to be wrong about how you dress up; say you drive….and you would certainly be a rash-driver!
I can totally understand that the grownups wouldn’t agree to the way we work, or get things done, they would prefer another way; but I don’t understand why can’t we try the other way for ourselves? So, after this thought passed my mind (in brief) I came back to my senses when that aunty caught me looking at her. Instead of reflecting the thought that just went through my head, I decided to show her a change and I smiled at her before the other woman with her zoomed them off well at 15 seconds of red…..Quite like the ‘youngsters’, huh?


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