New Poona Bakery

In Pune, there is a cafe called New Poona Bakery. It was first just a bakery.. then they renovated it to a cafe. This is my review about it.

I went there with a couple of friends to catch up as I had heard that they let people sit there for a substantial period of time. When we went there, a birthday was ongoing in the small indoors seating area. It was quite chaotic to go to the counter to place your order. There was just too much of noise, spilled food items, torn decorations, etc. The person taking the order was unable to listen properly amidst the noise, and when I ordered “cheese toasts”, he heard “cheesecake”! The coffee machine was out of service, thus we had to order the sodas. Our ordered were placed differently in order to avoid any kind of confusion, little did we know that it would actually lead up to it. The service is extremely poor. They say that its self service but when you sit outside, the waiters help to get you your orders. But the waiters messed up the orders. They came up to it at least 5 times with the wrong order each time. The pizza was a rip of our money as the quantity was smaller than the one you can make at home. The sandwiches were good and the coleslaw was just fine. We had also ordered the chilly cheese toasts , instead we got garlic cheese toasts. The sodas were inconsistent as some were too sweet or totally bland.

The worst part is, you have to submit the receipt at the second counter, thus you are without proof. They should certainly review their management and service.




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