Okay, so I read something that came as a let’s say shock to me. Perhaps I might be of the practical school of thoughts or maybe just a tiny bit more sensible than the people I saw who were quite evidently influenced by movies. No actually, I think, many of you too would agree with me! Stalking a person and pestering that person with messages of how much you love him/her DOES NOT work in real life!! I guess this is high time we talk about this because it desperately cries for attention. As suicides, murders, acid attacks, kidnapping etc. are not something that should be an outcome of “love”. To avoid this, laws have been made more strict, but is it enough? I say no. We cannot solely rest this task of avoiding such situations on laws and judiciary. So let’s talk it out old school. Let’s not think about feelings of the stalkers because they should learn to accept some things. They should learn to accept rejection.

According to the statistics, nearly 7 out of 10 people have been stalked. Are you kidding me? That includes nearly all the people you might know! Let me point it out to you that this stalking does not include the general profile detail study you do on Facebook by looking at all possible pictures but a step, no… steps ahead of it. The victim gets sent thousands of messages, gifts, and sometimes is even followed around. To make things worse, the friends or acquaintances too are pestered in order to get a message delivered to the victim.

Okay, let me get this out clear; If you are referring to any movie, in which either the lead actor or the actress stalks the other lead till they are smitten by love, GROW UP! It can never happen in real life. It just leads to public humiliation, not of the victim (It does, because our society is weird) but (Hopefully in the new generation’s view) yours! The stalker gets all the public humiliation because he is a criminal for a reason(legally too)! All you are going to get after walking at a considerable distance from a girl/boy for more than a non-suspicious period of time is either a slap (a good old-fashioned way which reminds you what reality is) or a visit from the police.
I would like to take this platform and encourage people to actually be strong and revert back to stalking with the same intensity of the pain that has been caused to you. Don’t be afraid, just speak up. You are not considered weak for asking for help; and do not think that you won’t receive help because “Help will always be given to those who ask for it”. Spread this awareness.Teach the children to accept rejection. For it is just going to create a secure future for everyone; for others, for your loved ones and for you.


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