It so happens that your angelic part takes over for once in a blue moon and we try to help someone. And within a glimpse of review of what you just did, the person has already taken you for granted. You give an end of a corner of a cloth to the person and the person drapes a yard of it around himself or herself.

So eventually it happens that you remain in the background and are tagged as a ‘background person’. It is not bad; it is actually superb but then why can’t the person feel as if it the best role in this life? This world has a weird fetish to go on with whichever stone that shines. The recognition, the appreciation is given to someone who doesn’t even know who has actually done that thing. It is completely normal for the person to feel as if his/her efforts have gone to waste. So, I just would want to use this platform and tell everyone that in this social world of today, there are people doing background work and that is why this world is actually beautiful and simple. They are the ones who have worked hard, lost a lot and also regretted the most. In this clichéd world of ours, these people regret the most. They feel that they have done the biggest mistake in giving into their angelic part of their personality. They feel that they have lost a lot even though they have earned a nice position in their own hearts.

A great poet once said, “The art of losing can be mastered by all”

It is true. But the loss is never a loss unless the place in your heart is gone. Imagine this world without beatific people. So, after doing good to someone and the person taking you for granted, don’t stop believing in good. I know humanly it’s too difficult and too saintly to ask from someone but “Good things come to those who do good. Whether right out front or like a backup force, the heart’s value is measured at the close”



  1. Good job devika.
    Expression will touch the heart as well as mind with more easy flow of language.
    what comes from within, is always true.


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