Your Art

Yesterday, I came back home to discover that my grandmother’s tea party was taking place in my living room. Well, like most youngsters would do, I too tried running to my bedroom, just to be called by one of the friends for the usual Q&A round. After I had answered the usual set of questions with my usual unenthusiastic responses, I was made to sit with them to have a chat! Way to spend a Saturday afternoon, right?

Well, I knew exactly what I was getting into; the usual bashing of youngsters. But something surprising came up! They were actually talking about art. One of them was pretty convinced that art was a complete an utter waste of type, irrelevant of what type it is. So it got me thinking, how are some people living in a delusion that they can insult someone’s art?

It is my soul, my mirage

I put everything I got

my anger, my sanity, and my heart

to see it hurt, won’t go well with me

for that is the only escape from the reality.

One should understand that without art, this world wouldn’t have survived; no actually it wouldn’t have existed. Let me make this simpler for you. I am pretty sure you would have come across the phrase “God exists in every man, you just have look for Him” Why do you think this phrase does rounds? God himself was an artist, He created us, He created the world. When He did, He took utmost care to do so. So much that He put a part of His in us. Now, I am not implying the Harry Potter version of putting your soul in parts as horcruxes. Anyway, the point is, art is not something you make fun of! (Unless your art is to make people laugh) Art isn’t even something that needs to be taken lightly. Those artists are people who have an ability, a gift to imagine something extraordinary, to find precious moments in the dark. That is something that they can, and you can’t. You might be an amazing dancer, but that doesn’t give you the right to blatantly attack a painter. It might not be your usual cup of tea, but it is someone else’s.

I have seen people who have stopped painting, who have stopped writing or stop practising their art just because someone was incapable of widening his imagination. The next time someone tries to pick on your art, listen to guy, know his agony. For that masterpiece cannot be replicated by him, better than you already have.


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