Quick facts about Pune City(For those who don’t know) : A city located in Western India, about 149 km from Mumbai. Known also as the Oxford of the east.

For people like me with fernweh, wanderlust, it is really hard to conform to a certain place. We find it griming to stick to one place forever, much like in the movies. So if conforming could be so difficult, how would we connect? Well it’s pretty simple actually. Someone told me that when one travels around the globe, he tends to compare the place with the previous one; and when the new abode fails to capture your soul, it means your first travel was remarkable. Though I haven’t travelled enough, whenever I do, I come across a similar experience. Believe it or not, I love the morning pack of people out for a walk, right from the youngster running with his headphones on to the grandmother who takes a bag with her to collect flowers. Then you evade these people and the potholes and the unpredictable auto rickshaws and reach college. There your travel explains how much imbibed it is in your genes, to be a Punekar.

Pune, a city of culture, a city of food, a city of history and passionate young talent, has always been my home. Even if Pune is now a well-developed city, it will never let you feel the stress of it. Who knew that the morning rush hour traffic or the typically rude yet practical “puneri patyas” or mix of different cultures would make me feel right at home? Who thought that staring at the ever-growing city from the hill or the cramped places in the Peth areas would actually be a breather from my daily schedule? So when you ask me, “what does Pune mean to me?” It’s asking me what my life till now has meant to me; then again words are a kind of limitation imposed, experiencing Pune would maybe convey it completely.


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